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Core403’s extensive product line includes many non-traditional glass products designed to meet the rapidly evolving needs of architects, interior designers, glazing contractors and other manufacturers throughout North America.

Core403 is a proud partner and distributor for Goldray Glass.

Some Of Our Works


Decorative Laminated Glass

Our Decorative Laminated Glass is a type of multi-ply glass consisting of an assembly of two or more lites of glass bonded with an interlayer. A dynamic array of colors, textures and patterns can be combined using the laminating process to create special effects not possible with monolithic panels.

Dichroic Glass

Dichroic Laminated Glass is manufactured using 3M’s premium grade polymeric film. Partnering with 3M’s innovative team, we were able to produce laminated glass that exhibits brilliant color shifts through transmitted and reflected light. The film is laminated between two or more lites of glass, transmitting one color and reflecting another, resulting in glass that constantly changes color with the angle and light.

Silkscreened Ceramic Frit

Silkscreened Ceramic Frit is an enamel ink that is applied to the glass and permanently fused to the surface at temperatures in excess of 1200°F. Combining with other processes such as backpainting or laminating allows for complete design flexibility. When design detail and budget are important, this product is the most cost-effective, flexible and durable way of applying decoration to glass.

Backpainted Glass

Our backpainted glass produced with LCBA (low cure baked acrylic); an opaque, colorful and durable coating applied to the unexposed surface of glass. LCBA is available in a wide range of standard and custom colors, including both solid and metallic.

Technographic Interlayer

Technographic Interlayer is a high-resolution printed polyester interlayer laminated between two or more glass surfaces. Virtually all color profiles can be produced on clear, translucent or opaque film creating images ranging from standard text or logos to photorealistic images.

Digital Ceramic Printing

Digital Ceramic Printing is a new technology used to apply ceramic ink directly onto glass in much the same way that an inkjet printer prints onto paper. This solution allows the designer to create multi-color or photographic quality images for either monolithic or laminated installations.

Bird Friendly Glass

Our Bird Friendly Glass is a durable, pigmented glass enamel permanently fused to the first surface of a lite for use on the exterior of a building to deter birds from flying into the structure. Also referred to as First Surface Ceramic Frit, this product is available in many solid colors and patterns, and has exceptional chemical, UV and weather resistant properties, which enable it to withstand the elements in exterior applications.

Glass Marker Boards

Glass Marker Boards utilize an opaque coating applied to the unexposed surface of glass, which results in a non-ghosting, writable surface. This product is available in standard or magnetic versions, with polished or framed edges and, more recently, a surface that is suitable for both writing and projection. Optional accessories are available including marker trays, magnets, erasers and dry erase markers.

Traction Control Ceramic Frit

Traction Control Ceramic Frit flooring is made using textured enamel permanently fused to the glass to give it a slip-resistant surface. This product is offered in standard or custom patterns to give flexibility to the degree of translucency and traction control required.

Satin Etch Glass

Satin Etch Glass is a translucent, clear glass with an etched light diffusing surface to which patterns may be applied. The light diffusing capabilities provide privacy, while still allowing light transmission. Our Satin Etch Glass can also be overlaid with graphics viewable from both sides.

About Michael Corbett

Michael Corbett’s past is a long history with varied architectural and design firms in his birthplace of Denver and now home in Atlanta.

There have been of a variety of projects; budget condominiums, second mountain homes in Breckenridge and Vail, a hotel in Vail, guest villas in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, restaurants, building tenant work and corporate offices. Then there was the twenty plus years with a major furniture manufacturer. Through this length of time, there have been many encounters with architects and designers. Long ago it was realized that watching the design process of others was fascinating. There is great pride in helping others bring their designs to fruition.

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